Friday Five Roundup: From HR Solutions for Dentists to Personalized Marketing Efforts

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Dental Membrane and Bone Graft Substitutes Market is exhibiting a strong CAGR of 9.3% by 2024, globally: Transparency Market Research

According to a recent report by Transparency Market Research, dental membrane and bone graft substitutes market is anticipated to witness a sound growth with a steady CAGR of 9.3% within the forecast period from 2016 to 2024. The market is expected to soar around the value uS$922.6 mn in 2024, from US$419 mn in 2015. Based on product type, the market for dental membrane and bone graft substitutes is led by bone graft substitute segment, in which allograft procedure accounts for a strong position in the market due to its comfortable acceptance by the human body, coupled with its biocompatibility property. In dental membrane market, the restorable membrane is anticipated to be the dominant segment.

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Intelligent Agility Is The New Black For Today's CMO

Life as a B2B startup CMO is not for the faint of heart. Markets and circumstances can change in the blink of an eye due to competitive threats, changing macroeconomic environments and windows of opportunity opening and closing. It is critical to develop the ability and agility to see what's coming, quickly assess situations and respond with a plan of attack that doesn’t derail your overall strategy. In other words, speed and intelligent agility is the new black.

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4 Free Visual Content Tools Every Digital Marketer Should Know

By: Beles Lezina

Digital marketers know creating content can sometimes be tricky. Whether you're new to the industry or a self-proclaimed expert, producing visual content can be a difficult and often frustrating process. Here are four free online content tools that can make it as easy as clicking a button:

Friday Five Roundup: From Dental Imaging Technology to AI in Digital Marketing

Digital Journal

Squid Ink Provides New Dental Imaging Technology

Improving the accuracy of dental imaging helps patients to receive optimal care. A new imaging method has an unusual material source: squid ink. This helps to improve the clarity and contrast for gum disease inspections.

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Future-Proofing for Growth in the Age of AI

AI is all the rage on tech websites, but it can still seem like a pretty obscure, inaccessible tactic for B2B companies.

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SCAM Alert - Google My Business

We hear you've been getting calls and even we get calls. A strange number rings, there's often a pause, and then a recorded message states:

Dear Business Owner, Numerous attempts have been made to verify your business location. This is our last attempt to reach you. Your business is at risk to be removed from Google's Search Results. Press #1 to speak to a Google Operative Now.

Sounds important, right?

Well, it's a scam.

Is Google removing your reviews? This might be why...

A case of disappearing reviews and what to do about it…

By: Johanna Bannis

According to the 2017 Local Consumer Review Survey, 85% of consumers trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation - an important statistic when growing your business. As such, they can play such an important role in the ongoing success of business practice. So what happens if reviews that you work hard to cultivate are being removed? Business owners are confused as to why some reviews are being removed from Google. Particularly, it seems strange that a review can be published and then, not long after, mysteriously disappear.
Well, there's a reason for this:
Google has specific criteria for reviews and may filter any reviews (over time) that don't adhere to it.
You may inadvertently be asking for reviews incorrectly, or have otherwise run afoul of the rules without realizing it. If you've checked out the Google criteria and still don't feel that the reviews should have been removed, then continue reading to find out if any of these situations below apply to you.

Friday Five Roundup: From Regenerating Teeth & Efficiency in Dentistry to Google Problems & Digital Marketing Trends

Scientific American

Instead of Filling Cavities, Dentists May Soon Regenerate Teeth

Researchers recently discovered certain drugs, including one developed to treat Alzheimer’s, stimulate innate self-repair mechanisms.

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Google is Finally Admitting it has a Filter-Bubble Problem

The search engine reinforces your pre-conceived biases as a side effect of the way its algorithm parses your question. Google admitted to the issue and said it is actively working on solutions. The details have yet to be worked out.

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Tips for Creating Mobile Friendly Newsletters

It's no surprise that mobile usage in recent years has increased drastically. Today's mobile users often consider phone calls and text messages secondary functions on their devices, while everything from using social media apps, browsing the web, and of course checking emails are their primary uses. As of March 2017, data shows that 54% of emails were opened on a mobile device. That number continues to increase.

If you're using email newsletters as part of your practice's marketing strategy, it is important to create mobile friendly e-blasts so your message is delivered and properly displayed to all your recipients. To make your newsletter mobile friendly, here are a few tips to help guide you during design.

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  1. A Clean, Responsive or Single Column Design

  2. When optimizing for mobile, it is important to realize that the limitations of screen space is the primary driver. Crowd it at your peril. Mobile users are willing to scroll down the screen, but not pinch and zoom in to read through the text.

    A responsive template uses CSS to help control the layout of the e-blast on various screen sizes, most usually displaying multiple columns on a desktop, and single column on smaller screens.

    A Single Column layout is an even simpler responsive layout that stretches the width of a single column up to a usual maximum size of about 600 pixels (which will increase as screen resolution gets better and better over time.

    Either solution, will allow you to create a design that is mobile friendly, concise, and to the point, providing an optimal experience for your readers. A single column template becomes the lowest-common-denominator approach, while a responsive design allows you to take more advantage of desktop sized screens. Why not always go responsive? Because there are a surprising number of mail apps that don't yet fully support the CSS media queries’ which enable this functionality. So you might end up doing extra layout work that can't be taken advantage of on some email apps.
    Remember, the greater the viewing experience, the higher amount of engagement, and the less chance of unsubscribers.

    Here's an example of a newsletter for Toronto Children's Dentist, based on a 600 pixel wide responsive design. Much of the content is split into two columns on the desktop and shows as one column on smaller screens with the images shown above each text section.

Friday Five Roundup: From Dental Research to SEO Trends and ROI

Science Daily

Cavity Prevention Approach Effectively Reduces Tooth Decay

A scientifically based approach that includes a tooth-decay risk assessment, aggressive preventive measures and conservative restorations can dramatically reduce decay in community dental practices, according to a new study.

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Marketing Land

Local Search Industry Optimistic About 2018 — but Less Likely to Hire

The local search landscape is a constantly evolving beast, regularly changing at the whim of Google My Business and, more and more these days, reliant on consumer reviews. As such, the folks working in this niche of the wider SEO industry have had to be quick on their feet to adapt to changes.

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Friday Five Roundup: From Oral Health and Cancer to Bitcoin Scams

Science Daily

Oral Health May Have an Important Role in Cancer Prevention

The bacteria that cause periodontitis, a disease affecting the tissues surrounding the teeth, seems to play a part also in the onset of pancreatic cancer.

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People are Getting Scammed by Facebook Ads Touting Bitcoin Miners

Beware of the accented letter in the domain name!
A fresh phishing technique has already caused losses. Will we see copycats in the near future? In 2010 Internationalized domain names were introduced. As a result, phishing perpetrators can purchase domain names that are eerily similar to well known companies and exploit people's interest in them.

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